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The  current exhibition of  Tim Walker at Somerset House  reminds me to look at one of my favourite  Vogue Issues: Fashion & Fantasy from December 2008. This is a must- have mag for all dreamers! It features A story starring Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter , Gareth Pugh outfits,..all shooted by Tim Walker. Moreover is one of the most illustrated Vogue I had the pleasure to run into: among other masterfully visualized fashion tales  it features one exclusive  fashion tale illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld himself!
Another special article illustrates the results of  a special commission: Vogue sent some of its contributors as David Downtown and Christian Louboutin a fan to decorate!
 It has whimsically designed and detailed type throughout the issue... Kate moss in a fairy tale dress on the cover, Nick NIght shooting creations that go beyond the boundaries of the imagination, old fashion illustrations and much more....!



@David Downton

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