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Lucia Emanuela Curzi started this blog as a way of sharing her art and inspiration in 2009. Since then the blog has served as  platform to share fashion and creative projects

Lucia Emanuela Curzi is a multi-award winning illustrator based in London represented exclusively by Illustration Web.
As an artist, illustrator and filmmaker creates powerful and edgy images at the cutting edge of traditional and mixed media.
She creates images for brands, fashion publications and set designs.
Her work has been exhibited at the VIctoria & Albert Museum and featured in several international publications. She has been described as 'one of the future faces of fashion' and recognised as an extremely talented dreamer artist by 1883 Magazine for her practise as fashion illustrator.
Based on the observation of our contemporary society and particularly in what being beautiful means to most of people, Lucia creates beautiful shapes lost in a white space, absent and looking away.
Painted with strong marks of ink, splashes of watercolour her illustrations reveal an intrinsic sense of colour and a unique style.

Originally trained in moving image Lucia begun her career in the film industry and is now working to animate her illustrated world.
Lucia draws inspiration from fashion photographers, visionary movies, expressionistic painters and fairy tales.
As the creative mind behind LU', Lucia since 2010 launched her collection of scarves and t-shirts available around the world promoted by notjustalabel.

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